Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Within the next three years, GBS aims to enhance our organisational culture, build the competency of our staff and volunteers, and contribute greater value to the community.  

Create a Culture of Purpose and Care


To create a culture of care and purpose within GBS, we will be working to enhance our volunteer management system and improve communications channels, so that every volunteer will find a fulfilling, inter-connected purpose in their joyful service. We are also committed to building a strong board and Management Team that stewards the resources we have been given well.

This is the same spirit we celebrate with our partners and stakeholders. 


Cultivate Timeless and Future-ready Competencies


GBS will review and re-create its entire curriculum and programme offerings, ready for a new generation of Girls. Our new digital strategy plan is also in the works.


Equip and empower volunteers with new core skills to serve and engage children and youth with greater confidence.  


This includes reviewing our organisational structure and processes against our mission; building a strong board and management – professional staff and volunteers who are better focused on new policies, processes and new standards of good governance to drive the organisation forward. 

Broaden Community Impact


GBS will be expanding the scope of its services in schools and beyond, creating new signature programmes for secondary and post-secondary aged Girls. We also aim to positively impact the lives of 3000 beneficiaries from access-challenged and transient communities through a revamped, sustainable and scalable signature event. 

We look forward to stronger collaboration with all our partners for these community efforts.