Our Mission

Developing each Girl and Officer to her fullest potential by Equipping, Empowering and Enabling:
Every Girl a Leader,
Every Officer a Servant Leader.

The Girls’ Brigade Friend in Deed Project 2024 Launches with a Record-Breaking Community Baking Event

Our Programmes


The Girls' Brigade Singapore offers a series of programmes for Girls regardless of race, language and religion. We are committed to building an inclusive and well-rounded experience for every age.



5 to 6 years old

The Explorers programme providedlot of opportunities for parentchild bonding. As we are constantly involved in the programme, there are mini doses of tips on how I can be a better parent. The activities organised by The Brigade created a lot of beautiful memories and milestones that families can remember and celebrate together. 



8 to 12 years old

“At GB You will be able to spend your time wisely as you get to go on learning journeys and participate in various activities that you probably won’t be able to do so in other CCAs. You will also be able to learn about leadership through camps and programmes that the Officers organise. Through this experience, I’ve learnt to be a better leader by listening and respecting others.”



13 to 17 years old

“Camps are really fun. The activities that were planned out are unlike any other CCAs. I made a lot of friends and with it, memories throughout my 5 years in GB.”



17 to 20 years old

“The Girls’ Brigade is a place where I found my purpose to serve and to lead. I’ve Learnt to look beyond my challenges, passionate about greater reward of abundant life that lies ahead. More than just meaningful leadership lessons and caring Officers, I feel safe and secure.”

Our Officers

Officers are volunteers dedicated to serving our Girls. They work in partnership with teachers and schools to execute the best activities for our Girls. Some of our officers were themselves GB Girls.

"GB is beyond a CCA to me, it is a family. It has taught me many things I couldn't have learned elsewhere, gave me Officers who became my friends and mentors who helped me grow and watched me grow. They inspired me to come back after I've graduated to serve and show the same love, I've received to the Girls I serve. Though this journey is not easy at times, but just like how I was transformed, I really hope to do what I can to help GB in transforming more lives."

LT Lee Hui Ting, Captain
LT Lee Hui Ting, Captain
28th S Company
(Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School)
Hours of Regular Service by Adult volunteers
Hours of Service to the Community by Girls