Board Committees

Board Committees

Board Committees

The Board has five Board Committees that look into specific key areas to ensure that matters are given the right support, resources and fiduciary guidance.

The roles and responsibilities of the GBS board committees are as below.


Audit Committee 

The Audit Committee facilitates external and internal audits for the Board to obtain independent information about the organisation’s activities. The committee also assists to put in place the internal audit plan for the organisation.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for selecting Board Members based on the final composition of the board which would fulfil the following:

  • Specific governance skill-sets
  • Sector experience
  • Diversity e.g. age, organisational passion etc.

Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee assists the Board of The Girls’ Brigade Singapore in fulfilling the Board’s responsibilities to oversee the management of all fund investment activities of GBS, and to provide advice to the Board on such matters. 

Staff Committee 

The Staff Management Committee manages all Human Resource and Development matters, ensuring that HR systems and resources remain effective and current to industry practices. 

Programmes and Services Committee

The Programme and Services Committee reviews new initiatives or programmes, ensure that new and existing services are well resourced with outcomes are aligned with GBS’ mission and strategic plans, and limitations stipulated by funders where applicable.

BB/GB Campsite Management Committee 

The BB/GB Campsite Management committee develops and implements policies governing the usage and maintenance of the BB/GB Campsite at 1200 Sembawang Road.

Organisation Structure


Process for setting remuneration

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore is governed by its Board. Members of the Board are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their contribution, except for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

No staff member, including the Executive Director, sets or decides on matters of salary. Staff salaries are set to the standards within our means. Our staff management committee approves the salaries of all staff, including key personnel.