Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Financial Management

In keeping with good governance and transparency The Girls’ Brigade Singapore has in place documented procedures for key financial areas including and not limited to our system for delegation of authority and limits of approval, payment procedures and controls, procurement procedures and controls, as well as receipting.

Process for setting remuneration

Our staff management committee approves the salaries of all staff (including key personnel) within our means.

Planned timing of use for restricted or endowment funds

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore does not have a planned timing of use for its restricted or endowment funds. Disclosure of timed planning of use is made in our audited reports only when donors or grant makers have specified a timeline for use of these funds.

Selection & Evaluation of Board Members

Board members are selected biannually by a Nominations Committee and elected according to our Constitution. Board Members do not receive any remuneration for their involvement. No Board member holds a staff appointment. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member who has the right to attend all Board and Committee meetings but does not vote on the Board’s decisions.

Except for the Treasurer, all members serve a term of 2 years for a maximum of 10 consecutive years. The term of office for the Treasurer shall not be more than four (4) consecutive years. Thereafter, reappointment to the Treasurer position can be considered after a lapse of at least two (2) years.
All current Board Members have not reached their maximum term of service.

All incoming Board members are recommended a list of training lessons to attend, given an orientation to GBS, and provided a handbook that states their roles, responsibilities, and the spirit in which they are to perform their duties.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for selecting Board Members based on the final composition of the board which would fulfill the following:
• Specific governance skill-sets
• Sector experience
• Diversity e.g. age, organisational passion etc.

Once every two years, board members are required to fill in a Board Evaluation Checklist and self-reflection sheet.