Our Programmes

Our Programmes


Through The Explorers programme, Chelsea learnt to take up more initiative to complete the task at hand. She became more sociable with the other kids around her. The various activities organised by The Brigade provided her with the opportunity to volunteer with the friends and mix around with them. Thus helping to instil discipline while building up her own character and confidence.

Explorer's Journey

The Explorers programme is a joint initiative by The Girls’ Brigade Singapore and the Boys’ Brigade in Singapore to bring the Brigade experience to preschool-aged children and their families. Boys and Girls aged 5 to 6 years old will gain simple skills and values through fun and meaningful activities guided by our trained volunteers and teacher


No child is ever too young to be part of a uniformed group. Even at the young of age 5, Girls can go on to fun and exciting adventures to earn visually appealing badges. We believe that introducing a system of achievement and a sense of being part of something bigger , enhances a child’s learning experience and helps shape a better outlook in life. The unisex attire consist of a light blue vest and an optional yellow bucket hat.



At GB You will be able to spend your time wisely as you get to go on learning journeys and participate in various activities that you probably won’t be able to do so in other CCAs. You will also be able to learn about leadership through camps and programmes that the Officers organise. Through this experience, I’ve learnt to be a better leader by listening and respecting others.

A Junior's Journey

Catered to Girls age 8-12 years old, the Junior programme aims to inculcate good moral values through activity-based programmes. Our well-crafted syllabus encourages Girls to explore the world around them and cultivate a heart of service through practical workshops and activities.

Fast Food & Fuzz Experience

Fast Food and Fuzz Experience is a camp developed to encourage Girls to adopt an attitude of thanksgiving for the things that they have. Through this camp, Girls will learn to live a life beyond the comfort of home - from sleeping on cardboard boxes to only eating simple meals consisting of porridge and sweet potatoes. Girls experience first-hand how it feels to live in the shoes of children undergoing hard and challenging circumstances around the world.

Junior Brigader Broach


The design of the Junior uniform speaks of our commitment to every Junior Girl. Her needs are distinct from her Senior counterparts as is her uniform. The sweet and practical look of a Junior frock includes a peter pan collar and a princess cut – with a military styled sash to show her strength and resolve. Crafted with the intent of allowing the ease of movement and showing her achievements.




Camps are really fun. The activities that were planned out are unlike any other CCAs. I made a lot of friends and with it, memories throughout my 5 years in GB.

A Senior's Journey

The Senior programme provides Girls with opportunities to develop a strong sense of servant leadership. Equal attention is given to cultivating the character and values of the leader as well as the skills needed to lead with compassion and empathy.

Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is a signature event for graduating pioneer Girls. Enjoyed by many, this conference is a carefully curated learning adventure equipping Girls with the practical skills, empathy and awareness to face the world.


Senior & Pioneer Girls earn their badges through the following categories of badgework


A Senior Girl who wears the uniform carries with them the persona and heritage of The Girls’ Brigade. This refreshing piece has continued to serve its purpose of uniting Girls of all backgrounds. Rallying them to focus on the important things in life, leading them to the service of others and  the community around her. 



Girls 17 – 21 years of age move through a quick season of change through school and maturity. As concerns about their future grow, the GB SPARKS Programme encourages Girls to develop their convictions with a strong awareness of the world around them and the responsibility they have toward their generation and the next.

  • Leadership– Providing ample opportunities for Girls to be involved in planning and decision making.
  • Service – Being an agent of change in the lives of younger GB Girls and the community at large.
  • Overseas exposure – Participate in exciting events or volunteering opportunities beyond Singapore.
Unlike any other CCAs in School and social circles in life, I’ve discovered a true community of loving friends. Through the Girls’ Brigade, I’ve also learnt that my disability doesn’t define my ability. The Journeys I experience help strengthen my resilience and discipline. Because of these Officers who are like my older sisters.


Combining elements from the Senior Girl’s(haversack) and Officer’s(Frock) uniform, the Tertiary uniform embodies the aspirations for every SPARKS Girl – to step out of her comfort zone and transition into a new season of life – with new friends and new responsibilities, caring for the development and well-being of themselves and the next generation.