Can I enter via Hillside drive (side entrance of GB Headquarters?

Please enter via GB HQ front entrance located at 795 Upper Serangoon road. Hillside drive will not be open for traffic.


Who do I look for when I enter the premisess?

There will be a booth located near the entrance. Ur volunteers will be present at all times to attend to you. Please present your Delivery ID for easy verification and we will let you know exactly what to do.


What is a Delivery Order (DO) and why do I need it?

A physical copy of the delivery order will be provided to you upon receiving your wish items. All recipients will be required to sign on the DO to acknowledge that they have received their wish items.


 Do I need to return the Delivery Order once I have fulfilled all my deliveries?

Yes. Please return the Delivery Order to GB Headquarters immediately after you have fulfilled your deliveries.  Avoid snail mailing your DO to avoid any riskk of lost mail.


How can I reschedule my delivery dates?

Please email [email protected] or call the number 62437515 to notify us.


Is parking free while I wait to be assigned my wish items?

Parking will be free. However, we would like to advise all visitors to leave immediately after collecting your wishes. This is to make way for other drivers and prevent any crowding at the parking lot.


When will the wish delivery portal be available for booking?

Further announcements for wish delivery will be made on 7th July 2021.


How many guests can tag along when entering the GB Headquarters compounds?

Only one additional guest will be allowed. All SafeEntry and temperature scanning will be required upon entering the premises.


Can I book more delivery slots if I have already scheduled for some within the portal?

Yes! Please make a separate booking through the same portal.