Has GB been approved to do door-to-door delivery?

We’re glad to say that we’re well within guidelines put out by the relevant authorities for distribution and deliveries. Head over to our delivery portal to book a delivery slot now!


Who can deliver? 

Only fully vaccinated adults (over the age of 21) and accompanying children (if any) from the same household may fulfil the delivery of wish items. Each delivery group will be capped at five persons. 


How many people are allowed for each delivery group?

A maximum of 5 persons is allowed for each delivery group. Ten or more wishes will be allocated to each delivery group depending on the type of vehicle and the location of delivery.


Can I choose the location of my delivery? 

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. However, do note that all deliveries are situated in the southwest region of Singapore. 


Can I enter via Hillside drive (side entrance of GB Headquarters)?

Please enter via GB HQ front entrance located at 795 Upper Serangoon road. Hillside drive will not be open for traffic.


Who do I look for when I enter the premises?

There will be a booth located near the entrance. Our volunteers will be present at all times to attend to you. Please present your Delivery ID for easy verification and we will let you know exactly what to do.


Why must I return to GBHQ after making the deliveries? 

This is needed to collect and complete the necessary paperwork for auditing.


How can I reschedule my delivery dates?

Please email [email protected] or call the number 62437515 to notify us.


Can I book more delivery slots if I have already scheduled for some within the portal?

Yes! Please make a separate booking through the same portal.


Is parking free while I wait to be assigned my wish items?

Parking will be free. However, we would like to advise all visitors to leave immediately after collecting your wishes. This is to make way for other drivers and prevent any crowding at the parking lot.


What happens if there is no one available to receive my deliveries? 

Take note of the occupant’s address and inform the person in charge of the undelivered wish items once you return to the GB Headquarters to return the Delivery Order.


Can I post photos and videos?

We appreciate your help in handling all of our beneficiaries’ information with the utmost confidentiality. While we understand that it might be an exciting experience to share your delivery process with friends and family members, please refrain from posting their personal details or images on social media or other online platforms. We do encourage you to post and share your delivery experience and tag us at @girlsbrigadesg on either Facebook or Instagram.