Adoption of Wishes FAQ:


Are all wishes essential items?

Wishes range from very simple and essential items to the little things our friends would not otherwise have the delight of having.

It helps when everyone is getting used to extended time alone, or being at home with everyone else.

In the spirit of this year’s project, the fun things matter too. Your contribution will go a long way in making their day a little better!

Can I come down physically to GB Headquarters to drop off my wishes? When can I help with delivery?

We highly encourage online or courier deliveries during our opening hours (9am to 7:30pm). However, we’re glad to have you pay us a visit to drop off your wishes at our headquarters (795 Upper Serangoon road).

Does GB Headquarters accept walk-in deliveries of donations and gifts other than adopted wishes?

No, we will not be receiving donations or gifts at our Headquarters other than those which have been adopted from the web portal, or through special arrangements (e.g. corporate sponsors).


Can I purchase the wishes online and send them directly to the recipient?

This would not be possible. If you wish to participate in the delivery of wishes, please click on the ‘Deliver A Wish’ tab on the portal to book a delivery slot. Bookings for delivery will open when it is safe and responsible to do during, we will provide an update on the 7th of July 2021.


To whom and where do I deliver the wishes I’ve purchased online?

For online purchases and deliveries, please indicate:

the Wish ID as the name of the recipient.

e.g. #GBFD21.X.XXXX.XX


Delivery address: 795 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534667

I can’t find the exact item to match the wish that I have committed to.

If you’re unable to purchase the exact wish item, you can still fulfil the wish by purchasing an item similar to the description provided. 


What if the wish item is less than $60? I want to give a little more, is that possible?

The value of each wish is capped at $60. It is advised to make your purchases within this amount.  If the item is less than $60, you may choose to package other useful items along with it. You’re free to purchase items at slightly higher costs at your discretion.


Can I donate cash to The Girls’ Brigade to buy on my behalf?

We only accept purchased wish items indicated in the wish list. No cash donations will be collected this year.


What if I cannot fulfil the wishes that I’ve committed to adopting?

Please email [email protected] or call 62437515 to notify us. Please indicate your Wish ID: GBFD21.X.XXXX.XX in the email subject for easy identification.


Can I adopt more than one wish? How do I go about doing it?

To select more than one wish, tick checkboxes on the left side of the wish list indicated in the portal. Do a final check before submitting your selection.


How long do I have to adopt and fulfil the wish?

You will be given 7 days to purchase the wishes and send them to GB Headquarters. A reminder notification will be sent to you via SMS on the fifth day.


Help! I am not sure how to use the adoption/ delivery portal site at

Please click here to watch the video tutorial.