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(GB Girls in new uniform)

“The new and contemporary GB uniform reflects the fresh and youthful energy of GB girls and the strength of the GB movement. It celebrates the vitality and passion of our young women and girls who contribute to our community, families and society through their service in GB. The refreshing update reflects The Girls’ Brigade’s commitment to evolve, change and grow. We are grateful for the dedication of the GB companies in nurturing an excellent spirit of service in the girls. Their selfless efforts have uplifted and enriched many needy residents. The winners of the GB Awards set a worthy example for our schools and young girls to follow. They are a testament to the pivotal role The Girls’ Brigade plays in developing the skills, character and best potential of GB girls for the betterment of our society.”

Guest of Honour, Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mayor of South West District at The Girls’ Brigade Awards Ceremony on 19 April 2024.


Girls in The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) will begin donning a new uniform this year, marking the first major change to the GB uniform since its founding in 1927.

Sharon Liat, President of The Girls’ Brigade said, “We’ve always been more than the drill, discipline and camaraderie associated with a Uniformed Group.  We hope to think we have done those well enough, but our youth today respond differently.  They are changing and will continue to change.  The new uniform celebrates GB Girls and the future of the GB as a fun, approachable, authentic family that celebrates youthful energy and freshness.  We hope Girls everywhere will love to be seen wearing it.”

Joann Gor, Vice President of The Girls’ Brigade who led the re-design team added, “My hope was for a uniform that is functional, comfortable and representative of us as an organisation where our young budding leaders will look approachable, feel good and confident in their new uniforms.”

The new GB Uniform

Responding to rounds of feedback from GB Officers and Girls on the changes they wished to see in the new uniform, The Girls’ Brigade Singapore worked with local founder and creative director of hher, Chua Si Hui to design a new uniform that celebrates the organisation’s commitment to staying relevant, relational, and responsive to the changing needs and wants of youth and young Girls.

Drawing from the traditional GB uniform for inspiration, the current uniform is brighter, younger, more youthful, with an inviting, softer military touch. Changes made to the uniform include:

  1. Changed from a traditional 1-piece design to a 2-piece ensemble featuring a blouse and culottes to enhance Girls’ ease of mobility
  2. The tie from the Secondary Uniform has been removed for comfort in our tropical weather.
  3. The uniform’s breathable fabric is now a modern, brighter shade of blue that’s more youthful, yet soothing to the eyes.

The new uniform structure has a boxy cut and adjustable elements that make it easier to fit different body shapes and stay comfortable for any activity.

Left: Old Primary Uniform. Right: Old Secondary Uniform.


Left: New Primary Uniform. Right: New Secondary Uniform.