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Apart from fulfilling 3,000 individual wishes from recipients around Singapore this year, the Girls’ Brigade Singapore also partnered with South West Community Development Council (SWCDC) and local carpenters, Roger&Sons to build made-to-measure, sustainable furniture for households in need.

Photo Credits: MCI

Guest of Honour President Halimah Yacob, as well as Mayor of the South West district Low Yen Ling launched the GBFD with many bangs.

Together with invited beneficiaries, our honoured guests hammered the final joints into the stools that our GB Girls had made. These stools were then presented to the invited beneficiaries on top of their requested wishes.

First Pic: President Halimah Yacob (Centre) working with a young friend in deed to put the finishing touches toher stool, together with Mayor of South West district Low Yen Ling (Left) and Girls’ Brigade President Ms Sharon Liat (Right).

Photo Credits: MCI

Hannah Goh from Payar Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) is one of dozens of GB Girls who visited over 30 households to find out how residents would like to improve their own homes in this year’s iteration of the Girls’ brigade Friend in Deed initiative.

Even though it is such a small little thing that we are helping them, I feel that it can really make a big difference.


Girls interview a resident before taking measurements of the areas to be revamped.

GBS partnered with SWCDC under their Home Improvement Project to scope out areas to be refurbished into conducive working and study spaces.

GBS partnered with local carpentry studio Roger&Sons to design bespoke furniture pieces for small homes. Our Girls took part in workshops conducted by R&S to learn how to assemble these pieces before delivering them to each household. Each piece is made from local trees which have been previously felled for urban development in Singapore.

“Stay safe and healthy!” Girls leave well-wishes under their completed stools

All hands-on deck to make a difference!

We are grateful for the many hands that gave willingly to bring joy to many communities. Among them were parent-child tag teams!

From adopting and purchasing wishes with their children, volunteering to deliver wishes, to even working alongside their children to raise funds for buying wishes, many parents we spoke to shared that they wanted their children to know the importance of giving back to the community.

“Thank you so much for giving Delisha this opportunity as she learned a lot by volunteering her time doing meaningful deliveries. We did 11 deliveries, and she was feeling very happy at the end of the day!”

Ms Seelvi, mother of Delisha from The 17th P Company, Westwood Primary School

Thank you for leading the next generation by example! We’re looking forward to GBFD2024!


Our first Delivery volunteers: Georgia and Phyllis from The 58th P Company

Jessie, Officer of The 34th P Coy and her son with their adopted wishes

Delisha from The 17th P Company, Westwood Primary School adopted and delivered 11 wishes with her mother

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