Speakers Amanda Ng (second from left) and Sarah Cheng-De-Winnie (third from left)

Trials don’t end our dreams – they lead us to where we’re supposed to be

As Singapore recovers from the pandemic, the Girls’ Brigade Singapore chose to keep 2023’s annual Leadership conference online, tapping on the power of digitalization to reach a wider audience while taking up less of their precious weekends.

Our rapidly-shifting world will continue to stir up worries for the future. Girls will always need champions to help them realise their dreams no matter their time and place.

Each annual Leadership Conference is designed to do just so, through creating a special space for 15-year-olds to connect with inspirational Speakers to develop strength against trials.

Tracy & Zhi Xuan, SPARKS emcees greeting our online audience

Keep going until you get it right, then keep going until you can’t get it wrong

 Amanda Ng, National sailor & two-time Olympian

With her heart set on entering the Olympics, Amanda Ng made many sacrifices to achieve her dream.

From deferring her A’Levels to giving up important family holidays, nothing stopped Amanda Ng from seizing every opportunity to enter competitions and train her hardest.

Even when she tore a ligament just two days before the competition she’d trained her whole life for, Amanda did not give up.

Through grieving and continuing to train in agony, Amanda grew in gratitude for every trial she’s faced and for her supporters who showed her love, compassion, and practical help – each has become an important milestone that she looks back with fondness.


“It is okay to make mistakes and experience failures in life, as long as we persevere and improve from it well. There are always highs and lows in life. In the future, I’ll try to take a step back and figure out what I can improve on, and to procrastinate less.”

[Huijia, 3rd Company – Fairfield Methodist School (Sec)]

“Be disciplined and have joy in all circumstances, do what you need to do – I will start working more seriously towards my dreams and trust that all things will work for good.”

[Eden, 71st Company – Gan Eng Seng School]


You are more than your Abilities

Sarah Cheng-De-Winnie, Influencer

Growing up, Sarah Cheng-De-Winnie was a talented student who did well academically and was popular in school. Then, a secret relationship set the aspiring singer-songwriter on an entirely new course as a young mother. 

Having done something that was against her values, Sarah struggled greatly to come to terms with who she truly was as a person.

Desiring to be still known as a singer-songwriter, she signed up for singing competitions, released albums, and even attempted to expand her career overseas. However, each failed attempt left Sarah disappointed, bitter, and resentful. She would go on to survive a dramatic car crash and endure the pain of a miscarriage.

Although these trials upset Sarah’s dream to establish herself as a singer, she was being moulded into a steadfast and resilient mother.

When Sarah started posting funny conversations with her family on social media platforms, she was surprised by how much people loved her wholesome family-related content.

Today, Sarah appreciates how her family, and her identity as a mother have become her new priority in life. 

It was the first time in all my years as a mom that I realised that I am more than my talents. I am more than just a singer, of a smart brand strategist. Actually what I normally do as a mum, and what I do in normal life is okay to share.”


“I might not achieve my desired outcome, but I should always embrace what life gives me. I will change my outlook on failure and remain positive regardless of the outcome.”

[Ashley, 5th Company – Presbyterian High School]

“Sarah’s sharing really impacted me and reminded me that every challenge we face builds us up as a person.”

[Atalie, 34th Company – St Hilda’s Secondary School]

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