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Themed “Better Together, for a Better Tomorrow”, the national competition invited Girls to educate, encourage, foster empathy, dream of a radical invention, or imagine a better Singapore for people in our society who may have problems catching up. Girls realised their visions for a better world through art, writing, videos, and inventions.

Girls from the 35th Singapore Company working on their entry: Singapore, a City with Love

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Mother Theresa

Everyone was a winner at the Dr Low Guat Tin Challenge Awards Ceremony on 13 August 2022!

How much love goes into a single piece of artwork or poetry? For young Clare Rao who won the Primary “Write” Category for this year’s Dr Low Guat Tin Challenge, quite a lot.

As she read “Cheer up Grandma” at the Competition Awards Ceremony, Clare’s simple poem abundantly expressed the love she had for her grandmother who was there to hear her recital.

Listen to Clare’s poem here.

Clare with her grandmother and father

Besides Clare, 1916 other Girls between 8 to 21 years old created 560 entries of great love – towards migrant workers, the elderly, people struggling with mental issues, frontline workers – even people with rare illnesses.

Click here to download and view our honourable mentions!

Servant Leaders are valuable to those around them

“As a leader you need to ask yourself “What are the values that I stand for?” Clarify what your values are and live out your values.

– Mrs Tan Chen Kee, Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools) & Director of Schools

Guest of honour Mrs Tan Chen Kee, Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools) and Director of Schools (second from the right) with Ms Sharon Liat, Brigade President, and the winners of the Primary Invent Category.

After a long hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Girls were thrilled to meet their fellow GB friends face to face at long last.

Guest of honour Mrs Tan Chen Kee, Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools) and Director of Schools encouraged Girls to become leaders of value to the community around them. Leaders who lived according to their values and valued people no matter their status.

If the entries we’ve received this year are a good gauge of what our GB Girls truly value today, we are excited to see how they’ll live out their lives in the future.

Although understanding the plight of those in pain can be an uncomfortable and possibly a “disheartening” experience, as they prepared for this competition, countless Girls would have sparked important conversations and explored unique ways of expressing their desires to help people in need. Their experiences are essential for them to figure out their place in the world and the difference they can make.

We must be the ones to spark a change. It will inevitably sprout a difference to the community, making the nation a better place where the future generations can learn these values that are imperative to instil in themselves.”

– 84th Singapore Company, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Artwork by Girls from the 84th Singapore Company

Better Together, for a Better Tomorrow

Through the LGT Challenge, Girls would have discovered new things about both marginalised people groups, and about themselves. They’re not just students, but also capable artists, filmmakers, script writers, directors, inventors, and social commentators.

The LGT Challenge is just the beginning. Now armed with new knowledge and skills, what will you as a young person do?

Are we willing to continue walking the long walk to improve the lives of those in need?

As an adult, how will you encourage youth to make good their dreams to build a better world?

I believe this is the spirit of the challenge, not only to think of new possibilities and innovations and expressions, but to have the courage and the initiative to take them forward. To act upon them. To be the change and the positive impact that we want to see around us.”

– Ryan, OuterEdit, Competition Judge

Special thanks to our competition judges!



Foo Chin Wei

HOD CCE, Maris Stella High School

Joel Wong

Social Worker of Touch Community Services

Ryan Tan

Founder and Managing Director of OuterEdit, a branding and creative agency