DONATE (GBFN template)

DONATE (GBFN template)


GB Fortnight is our annual donation drive that supports our effort to help every Girl fulfil her fullest potential. Help Girls to create positive change in society and inspire them to encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Be the reason our Girls can flourish and benefit other younger leaders.

Our donation drive will be held between 30 July – 11 September 2022. We welcome your support on our donation portal on

  • 68% of your giving will go directly to the Programme and Leadership development of Girls.
  • 21% of your giving will impact Community Development and National Events.
  • 11% of your giving will aid in our Organisational Development and Administration.

Every Girl invested is a Gift that keeps on Giving.

Your gift today will help our Girls flourish into leaders of tomorrow.

Support the work of The Girls’ Brigade by donating now!

Click Here to Donate.

Click HERE to download our Cheque & Credit Card donation form.


Why is the payment reflected as Opn Payments and not The Girls’ Brigade Singapore?

Opn Payments is an online payment gateway that powers our online donation platform. All sensitive data will be protected through a secure encryption technology when you donate through our payment gateway.

Are my donations entitled to tax deductions?

Individuals or corporations with tax-deductible status are entitled to tax deductions of up to 2.5 times the amount when a donation has been made.

Will I receive a receipt of acknowledgement for the donation made through your portal?

 We will send a receipt of confirmation through your stated email address for every donation made.